Not Just Gaglioppo Anymore – Calabria With A Vengeance

I just went to a great seminar as part of Vino 2010 on wines from Calabria. The title said it would be about Gaglioppo as a grape and showcase wines made from it. This was a limited description because we were treated to great wines made from indigenous varieties such as Greco Nero, Magliocco, Malvasia Nera, Lacryma Nera and others. I will write a long post this weekend but I thought the wines were great. My favorite may have been one by Ippolito because it was more elegant than the others in terms of its sensorial profile but it was also a 1997. Exciting wines are coming out of Calabria and I am looking forward to tasting more. Attilio Scienza, a noted professor gave a fantastic introduction and Alfonso’s moderating techniques were impeccable….Bravo. More later.

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