TwitterTherapy – Lessons from Ms. Bond

Yes, it’s Thursday and I should be blogging about Italian indigenous grapes but my head is overwhelmed with my first serious day of tweeting, retweeting and improving my Twitter etiquette.

All of this was spurred by a morning breakfast with Ms. Bond aka Cynthia who I wrote about here.

Needless to say, any mistakes I make are my own and I am at the beginning but I have to say that for my first real day of Tweeting, I’m enjoying it. Just like blogging, I think I do it about 60% as well as I can in terms of my interactions but I’m going to try and improve 5% a month. I think that’s a realistic goal. One that is clear and achievable. So here we go. Today I learned that the Royals as going to make wine on their estate, about a lot of great Rioja wines, a tasting of Riesling and much else.

Thanks to Ms. Bond. I think I may need more therapy though :).

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