Japan: Thoughts & Prayers

Like everyone else I believe, I am horrified, saddened and shocked at the devastation in Japan. My journalist self has come out in full force and I want to know every detail and what is being done to help people. Over here, we can donate money to organizations that are helping the relief efforts. I made one to Mercy Corps but there are many organizations out there. Choose one.

I wanted to write about Japan and Sake but I haven’t been out to a Sake bar in a while. I decided to flag a post I did two years ago on a Sake bar in New York and its fascinating Owner, Satsko.

I will raise a glass of Sake later today and celebrate life and prayer for those in need in Japan. I hope you join me both in donating and in praying for people’s safety as well as in supporting their economy.

I visited Japan over 20 years ago. It was beautiful, fascinating and very foreign to me. I still have never truly bridged that distance but it is a culture that I admire greatly for its determination, respect for elders and craftsmanship among other traits. I am sure these characteristics will help them get through this difficult time.


  1. Thousands years of history and culture cannot be erased by an earthquake, still believe they are people that will arise again as they already showed in the past.
    What really count for now is to pray for all those who died and for all those who survived because they will never loose the strength to go further this tragedy.
    God bless their lives and God bless their souls!

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