Women in Wine: Satsko’s Sake Bar On Eldridge Street: Small Gem on Lower East Side

I am writing a piece on Sake Bars in Manhattan for a magazine I work with and have been finding them hidden away in the most diverse neighborhoods.


Yesterday and the day before truth to tell, I wandered into Satsko. It has two locations, one on East 7th Street and a second, slightly larger version on Eldridge. Last night, I had the pleasure of meeting the owner, Satsko Watanabe and sipping Sake while she told me her tale. Satsko used to be in another business but had always dreamed of owning a restaurant/bar. She told me that she had been very fearful of opening a place and that people constantly told her not to do it. Five years ago she conquered her fears and decided that she was no longer scared. “Everything was just aligned,” Satsko noted. The first bar on East 7th street was a huge success and led her to open a second one on Eldridge.


Satsko introduced me to two wines which I really enjoyed. The first was called Ichinokura Taru Miyagi. It was divine with a very earthy taste on the palate and a dry finish. I had a small sampler of three kinds of Sake. While many are partial to Nigori (unfiltered) Sake, I was not. Instead I also very much enjoyed Wakatake Onigoroshi or Demon Slayer, which was smoother and a bit more elegant than the Taru. Satsko suggested pairing this last with Sashimi which wouldn’t overwhelm the delicate flavors of the Sake. The Taru could pair with something more robust but she said she likes to sip it on its own. Both wines are available by the glass and by the carafe. Satsko on Eldridge hosts Wednesday evening Sake Tastings where you can try six Sake and three appetizers. I will definitely go back for further “research.”

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