New York Stores Post Concern For Dec 16 Paterson Proposal

As most of us know, wine stores and wholesalers have joined together to protest Governor Paterson’s proposal, first outlined on December 16, to allow the sale of wine in grocery stores throughout New York State. Dr.Vino wrote a long post about this n December and many local publications have been following the story. I was struck yesterday by a large poster I saw in the window of In Vino Veritas on First Avenue and 73rd Street, a wine store that I like run by two helpful and knowledgeable brothers.


While we (consumers) may save money, I for one would regret the closing of many wine shops and small importers who won’t be able to compete against the larger chains. Wine will certainly be sold at a more affordable price but I love the experience of discovering a new small wine shop and speaking with the owner. Terry Hughes of Mondosapore and Domenico Selections rightly noted that the wines sold in grocery stores may not be of the same quality and thus he wasn’t up in arms about the proposal.

The poster outlines two arguments against the proposal: jobs will be lost in New York State and underage drinking will increase because controls will be less severe in large supermarket chains. A website has been created outlining the views of those who are against the proposal. It’s called Last Main Street Store and clearly lays out the argument against the proposal. I wonder if the new monies from Obama’s Stimulus package will offset this proposal. April 2009 is the cutoff date. Protests are sure to mount. I am sure we will begin to see posters all over town but this was the first one that I have seen.

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