Italian Coffee Producers are Optimistic About US Market Growth

Italian coffee producers who were present at the Fancy Food show in Manhattan June 27 to June 29, 2010 were optimistic about the U.S. market for coffee. Despite increased competition and a host of local and foreign competitors, Italian producers saw room for their coffee products thanks to an expanded product range as well as a new found love for Italian coffee, be it cappuccino, espresso or a Latte Macchiato.

Coffee beans are not produced in Italy but Italian torrefazioni are among the most famous in the world for their coffee blends. The two main types of coffee are Arabica and Robusto. Arabica coffee from Coffea Arabica is more prestigious than the Robusto from which comes from Coffea Canephora.

Coffee generally comes from Latin America, Southeast Asia and Africa.
Robusta coffee beans are generally stronger than Arabica and are used more often in Espresso blends. Each producer makes their own blend either using different combinations of coffee beans in terms of the two types as well as coffee beans from a variety of countries. Brazil is the world’s leading producer of coffee beans, followed by Vietnam, Indonesia, and Columbia.

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