Women in Wine: Festa Della Donna – International Women’s Day

March 8th is known as International Women’s day throughout the world. In Italy, the holiday, called La Festa della Donna, is celebrated by giving women mimosas (the yellow flower not the drink). Gangs of women can be seen out together sharing a meal. It used to depress me to no end when I lived in Florence that only on that day did you see woman out together. Things have changed and even when I lived in Milan years later, there had been a noticeable change in women dining out.

Still, I always feel that women should be celebrated everyday. Why did we get only one day a year? It’s like Mother’s or Father’s day. Shouldn’t we appreciate them throughout the year? In any event, what I do like about this day is that it is a sign of Spring and all that that brings, including yes, the dreaded Mimosa flowers.

Women in wine is the principal theme of this blog although I do get off track, I admit. There are so many women working in the wine business now that I have an endless list of people to interview, chat with and meet. I find it very exciting. Until now, I have largely written only about Italian women in wine, with a Spaniard, a South African and a Frenchwoman thrown into the mix.

I have decided to expand my horizons though and have interviewed a number of women doing different things in the business. I found them all fascinating, some are friends while others are not but it’s the fact that we are all women and that what we bring to the table is just a tad different that initially sparked my interest in this subject. Don’t get me wrong, I am equally in interested in writing about men but I did think there was a special niche and a dearth of information about many women in the business. Hopefully you have enjoyed my women in wine posts thus far. Many more will be coming.

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