A rose’ by any other name would smell as sweet

I always liked this quote from Romeo and Giulietta and while it isn’t entirely appropriate for this post, I think it illustrates my point. I have often judged rose’ wines as all of a piece. As if the mere name rose’ was the issue and not the actual wine itself.

One I tried yesterday was a real find -the Alois Lageder Lagrein Rosato 2006. It was perfect on a hot and humid New York day. While I wasn’t immediately transported to the Alto Adige with cool mountain breezes, I did get a glimpse of what a rosato can be with the right winemaking and the right grape variety.

This rosato was refreshing and delicious with crisp acidity and enough structure that it didn’t fall apart after the first sip. Its cherry and raspberry flavors were embraced by hints of citrus and a floral undercurrent that created a soft and round landing which stayed with me for a bit. It fortified me enough to go fight the crowds in the Apple store, a real feat.


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