Tenuta Di Blasig- Auguri 1788-2008

Vino, Donne e Canto “Se uno non ama il vino, la donna ed il canto, pazzo rimane per l’intera vita” Martin Luther Tenuta di Blasig celebrated 220 years of activity today with an impressive fete with soloists from the Vienna Philarmonic, dance and jazz as well as lectures on the Ronchi dei Legionari area by... Continue Reading →

Adventures in Wine-Making: A Super Teaneck

It’s my first vintage. I’m calling it a Super-Teaneck. Teaneck is where my parent’s porch and my cellar are located. It’s a blend of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon. IMy best guess and I confess it is a real approximation is that the wine is 51% Sangiovese and 49% Cabernet Sauvignon. I bottled the wine today... Continue Reading →

Bacaro – Venetian Mores

Bacaro is a word in the Venetian dialect for a meeting place. It is also the name of a new winebar on the lower east side in Manhattan. Kama Geary, one the new owners, is a tall New Zealander. She’s the wine buyer at this hangout on Division Street on the lower East Side. The... Continue Reading →

Women in Wine Fridays: Elena Walch

Elena Walch is a very interesting wine maker. Born into a German-speaking family, Elena was raised in Milan but went to German schools. Trained as an architect, she eventually left her first career and embarked on her second when she married into the Walch family. Elena noted, in an interview in November, that she was... Continue Reading →

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