Ferrari and Bruce

In addition to being an italophile of the first order, I am also a crazed Bruce Springsteen fan. Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking my mother to her second Bruce concert. Seeing Bruce 10 minutes away from home, surrounded by thousands of people who love him as I do, is one of the very... Continue Reading →

Not Just For Tourists

I saw this sign as I was taking a walk in Trastevere in June of this year.  I guess this was supposed to make you want to eat in the restaurant but I confess, it didn't inspire me. It is true that tourists are often treated to ridiculous prices and not great food in some... Continue Reading →

Appellation NYC- Gravner & Co.

Yesterday I was melting in the heat with a friend on 10th avenue when lo and behold I saw an apparition  in the distance- Appellation NYC. I had been hoping to visit this wine store for a bit but had never gotten around to it. I wasn't disappointed. Scott Pactor has created a truly different... Continue Reading →

Nizza – A little je ne sais quoi…

I recently had a drink with a friend at the very trendy wine bar/restaurant that is part of a growing restaurant empire known as the Tour de France Restaurant Group. I had no idea that the super crowded Nice Matin on 79th/Amsterdam had relatives all over the city including Marseille right on 44th street next... Continue Reading →

Anniversaries in NYC

Every family has restaurants that are the scenes of family birthdays, anniversaries and a variety of celebratory experiences. When I was a child, my family used to celebrate occasions in Manhattan at a restaurant on 72nd and 3rd called Faye & Allen's. I loved the blue and white decor, the sesame seed bread sticks my... Continue Reading →

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