Appellation NYC- Gravner & Co.

Roman Amphora
Roman Amphorae

Yesterday I was melting in the heat with a friend on 10th avenue when lo and behold I saw an apparition  in the distance- Appellation NYC. I had been hoping to visit this wine store for a bit but had never gotten around to it. I wasn’t disappointed. Scott Pactor has created a truly different wine store which sells only organic and bio-dynamic wines. Bio-dyamic wines are wines made according to a specific philosophy and generally follow the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. Appellation also has a category called sustainable for wineries that are working towards organic certification but haven’t gotten there yet. Each wine is duly labeled. I truly enjoyed browsing through his selections which include many French wines and a variety of wines from all over the planet. Appellation carries a ribolla gialla from Josko Gravner, the well known Italian winemaker from Friuli. I met Gravner two years ago at a tasting in Monza, Italy.  Gravner is famous in the wine world because he uses Clay Amphorae and large oak barrels to mature his wines.  He had some interesting things to say about his own wine making and Californian wines. Seeing his wine in the store brought back memories of that tasting and Gravner’s ideas about winemaking. I will write more at length about Gravner in another post because this is a post about Appellation. Suffice it to say, I will making many trips to visit Appellation in the future. There is a whole world of wine waiting to be tasted. I’m looking forward to it. on 156 tenth avenue NY, NY 10011

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