Women In Wine Fridays: A Chat With Tina Morey of #WineStudio

Today's post is part of my women in wine series. Today's post is dedicated to Tina Morey. We've never met personally but I have been a lucky participant in her #WineStudio educational chats. I love the format, have enjoyed wines I wouldn't have otherwise tasted and generally found it fun and educational and wanted to... Continue Reading →

Chateau Rongzi wines – A Surprise

I went to a seminar in 2017 on wines from Chateau Rongzi. I admit, I went because I thought it was a curiosity not because I expected the wines to be topnotch. I was mistaken. Some of the wines were very well made. Albeit not my cup of tea but nice wines. I learned a... Continue Reading →

Italian Indigenous Varieties: Manzoni Bianco

\\ Manzoni Bianco was created by Professor Luigi Manzoni in the years 1930-1935 at the Istituto Tecnico Agrario di Conegliano. It's a cross between Riesling renano and Pinot Bianco. At first it was only found in the area around Treviso but thanks to good results was introduced into the Trentino and eventually into all of... Continue Reading →

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