Monday Musings: Women In Wine

Today’s Monday Musings is about a little discussed fact. The promotional arm of the wine industry is dominated by a couple of firms- all of which are run by men. Today as happens on so many days another potential client and one that touts themselves as being pro-women in wine and a strong supporter of women in the industry wrote to notify me that she’s choosing between two male-owned firms. I am not sure if this will ever be a big topic to anyone but a small number of people but it’s time to at least call it what it is – being hypocritical. Sure other factors come into play but it doesn’t escape me that every single time I lose a client – it’s always to a male owned firm. Since there are so few of them – this part of the industry is 95% dominated by women-owned firms, something else is at work. Could it be that sexism still rules the roost? I would say so. I’m tired of being in the shadows and never discussing this topic for what it is. So I am calling it by it’s true name – sexism. It particularly grates on my nerves when it’s from people who purport to support women-run businesses.  I can only imagine how women felt 25-50-100 years ago. We have made strides but evidently not nearly enough.


  1. I agree. There’s so much hypocrisy involved and the glass ceiling really still is there. It’s been very disheartening.

  2. Didn’t want to “like” this post for obvious reasons! I’m sorry there’s still such a schism between what folks say is important and how they ultimately act. I admire the experience, time, and attention you offer your clients. It will be their loss in the end.

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