Italian Indigenous Varieties: Nerello Cappuccio


Today’s Italian indigenous variety post is about Nerello Cappuccio. This grape often flanks Nerello Mascalese in blends from Faro and is rarely seen on it’s own as a monovarietal wine. The name of the grape comes from the fact that the canopy develops like a cape above the grape vine if it’s not controlled. It hails from Sicily of course. It is used often in Cerasuolo wines.

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 7.27.54 PM

Benanti, a great winery from Sicily apparently makes a Nerello Cappuccio monovarietal wine but I think I have never tried it. I have tried many of their other wines though and I’m sure this one is just as delicious and elegant.

Among the famous wineries on Etna, it would be hard not to mention Terre Nere. They have captured Americans hearts with their wines.  Nerello Cappuccio makes ruby red wines with cherry flavors and soft round tannins. I haven’t heard people compare it as much as Nerello Mascalese to Pinot Noir.

Taken together the two varieties do make beautiful wines in this part of Sicily.



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