Italian Indigenous Varieties: Italica from the Veneto

Fontanta - Verona

The photo about is from Verona not from Treviso, the province in the Veneto, where this grape is mostly found. It is a cross between two white grapes, Verdiso Bianco and Riesling Italico that was created by Italo Cosmo at the Istituto Sperimentale per la Viticoltura di Conegliano. Here is one winery that makes a 100% Verdiso wine, Conte Collalto. Many of the characteristics of Verdiso can be seen in Italica but the form of the bunch and the berry are said to be similar to that of Riesling Italico. I will be speaking about Italica on my Instagram Live channel this morning.

I get a kick out of the name of the grape because I used to write a separate blog called Italica to mean someone who loves Italy and all things Italian. While I no longer write on that blog, the name reminds me that I love Italy for many things not just for wine & food, continues its mission on all things Italian. They are quite extensive now with a TV show and a magazine as well as their website.

With this blog post, I have now written many entries on Italian indigenous varieties, done many Instagram Live chats and have finished with the letter “I.”

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