Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s day. My dad is so many things and has taught me so much about everything but this is a wine blog so this is the story of how my dad introduced me to the world of wine. It started when I was young and he made wine in the basement with our neighbor Carmelo from Sicily, Ragusa specifically. They made a fruity red in our basement from Zinfandel grapes I was told. No yeasts were added and my dad swears the wine was delicious. I now make wine with him in that same basement.

His second contribution to my love of wine was the fact that he bought a store which had been a liquor store and he bought the store with its inventory so we had wine at home all the time when I was growing up. I also grew up in one of the first states where you could buy wine from abroad and ship it home. My Dad did that too at one point.

His third contribution was his love of all things French. We went to France very often when I was growing up and since he drinks very little, I always was able to have some or more than some of the wine that graced our table. I distinctly remember being in Venice at 15 with my parents and drinking too much wine while eating pizza on the Giudecca.

Lastly, Dad is insatiably curious about everything and has encouraged me to be as well. As an entrepreneur, he’s always also encouraged me to be my own boss and forge my own path. While it might not be the easiest way to go, it has been mine these last 12 years in the wine industry and he has been supportive all the way.

Did I mention he loves boats, and fishing and reading and Greek and Chinese food. He contains multitudes..

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