Sindrome da Rientro As Vacation Ends

Sunset Great Hollow

As September rolls around, I am afflicted with that not so terrible malady: il Sindrome da Rientro – back to work after the end of vacation. This year I had a long vacation on Cape Cod, a place that I absolutely adore. Lot of fun with family and many first forays for  Niccolo’ – my son including fishing, whale watching and much else. Now however, it’s time to get back to work, client work and writing. I miss the blog when I don’t write and apparently no one reads it if I don’t update it very frequently. Today I spent a long time on other people’s blogs looking at what they do for a client. I’ve rediscovered so many talented writers and am amazed at how they find the time to have day jobs, families and update their blogs so regularly. I need to take some lessons in time management it seems. Kudos to them for all the great writing and their ability to juggle various life commitments.. I’ve been fortunate to be in a few blogging circles this past years and it helps to focus the mind. I took this picture last night watching the sunset and looking out at the placid bay waters. I hope to be that way as I approach the busy fall season.

September is a great month, family birthdays, holidays and the harvest for grape vines and other crops. Let’s see what the year brings in and enjoy all of it.




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