Signs That Rosé Has Arrived

When I get to the house I rent on Cape Cod every year, I immediately look in the fridge to see what the owner of the house has left for her guests. She always leaves a 1.5 liter of wine which is incredibly nice and I always find it interesting what she picks, it’s usually a bottle from the brand Barefoot. Some years she has left Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc. One year she left a huge bottle of Pinot Grigio if memory serves, This year she left a bottle of Barefoot Rosé.

I found that fascinating and a real sign of how far Rosé has come in America. It’s now the welcome gift of choice for my landlady because that is what she assumes we are all drinking. She buys a couple of cases of the wines she leaves for her guests in two houses she rents. She probably has 12-15 renters over the course of the summer months. More or less the clientele are the same people year after year. Even if this is just a small sign, it’s an amazing show of how common place Rosé is now during the summer months certainly but also all year. I love that she thinks everyone’s tastes are evolving as hers are. I never asked her about the wine choice.

I have never had a Barefoot wine before this summer. Apparently I must have been living under a rock. The brand is huge and they make a large number of wines that are very affordable. The Rosé was chock full of red fruits and berry notes with a floral hint. It was pretty sweet for my taste but was very refreshing on a hot day in August when we arrived on the cape.

I found an interesting and informative blog post about the company at the here. I had no idea the company did so much to clean beaches. This fits in perfectly with my landlady and her beach vibe in the house and in her life. She’s an amazing photographer of sailing regattas and the beach.

Can’t wait to see what is in the fridge next year. I see Barefoot has a moscato. I wonder if that will be it. I also noticed that the company has many cocktail recipes on its website. I think she must leave such a large bottle because she assumes people are also making cocktails from the wine, again a sign of the times,

I always leave her a nice bottle of Italian wine when I go, This year I left her a blend from Abruzzo.

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