Picpoul de Pinet – A Refreshing White from the Languedoc – April #Winophiles

One cold day in March this year, Spring came to my house in the form of two bottles of Picpoul de Pinet. They were sent as part of the April #Winophiles group from Benson Marketing and for that I am very thankful. I first heard of Picpoul about 10 years ago from a friend who... Continue Reading →

Italian Indigenous Varieties: Nasco from Sardinia

This week's Italian indigenous variety hails from Sardinia and is called Nasco. I have never had a bottle of Nasco which is often but not always seen in a sweet wine version. Apparently this white grape is very ancient and was perhaps even well-known in Roman times. It used to grow in more areas of... Continue Reading →

Vinitaly Day 2: Sparkling Wines Abound

As Vinitaly moved into its second day, I searched for bubbles from all areas of the peninsula. While Prosecco, Franciacorta and Trento DOC all have their obvious allure, I’m interested in tasting all kinds of sparklers from indigneous varieties and international ones or blends from the various regions. There are no shortage of bubbles to... Continue Reading →

Day 1: Vinitaly begins in Tuscany

This is my 11th Vinitaly with my friend Susanna Crociani who owns a winery in Montepulciano and makes wonderful Nobile di Montepulciano using traditional grape varieties. We get to the fair early, set up and go in our own directions. I always learn something new from Susanna. She’s very creative and always thinking of new... Continue Reading →

Pre-Vinitaly: OperaWine, Verona, Setting Up

I wrote this piece a couple of years ago and I’m on my way tonight to Italy. Tomorrow is Operawine. It should be very exciting.


Verona, March, Vinitaly. Early, early, early. This year the fair seems to be particularly early and I’m here early too. Every year I come to Vinitaly in a different capacity. This year, I’m here to see my clients, my friends, as a writer and an explorer of all of the novita’ and there are many.

This odd photo above was taken yesterday during the set up day when producers get a few hours to prepare their stands before the big day arrives…today, March 25, the official opening of Vinitaly. It promises to be a complete whirlwind with lots of official seminars and tastings taking place. The dates have changed and there is one less day to get everything done. Sunday is the official start to the four-day fair. The trade seems happy with the change. The tassisti (taxi drivers) in the city less so but let’s see how it…

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10 Tips for Visiting Vinitaly

Vinitaly is the Italian wine fair that everyone either loves or hates but goes to nonetheless save other issues such as time of year, coincidence with other holidays and the like. I am on my 18th Vinitaly and I can say I love to go. It’s crazy, chaotic and crowded but I love the buzz... Continue Reading →

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