Italian Indigenous Varieties: Monica from Sardinia


This photo was taken in Sardinia in 2015. I was lucky enough to go on a brief trip to the island, my fourth. I have never, however, visited Sassari or any of the capital towns on the island. This week’s variety, Monica, originally is thought to have come to Sardinia from Spain, though is has grown in Sardinia since the 11th century, thanks an order of monks. It is present all over Sardinia and is considered the third most important red grape.


It can be found vinified on its own or blended with other local varieties such as Bovale Sardo and Cannonau. It is found in the Monica di Cagliari DOC and the Mandrolisai DOC.


Argiolas, the famed producer that has been in the States for years has one that is pretty well known and distributed called Perdera. I interviewed Valentina Argiolas for my Women in Wine series some years ago. I remember her being available and lovely to chat with. I love Sardinia for so many reasons and find it an amazing place to visit. The wines are lovely  as well and those made with the Monica grape are no exception. An easy drinking, fruity wine, Monica has a way of worming its way into your heart and onto your table. Here is a link to lovely wines, at affordable prices made with this grape. Monica could actually make a nice Thanksgiving pairing too. Not too high in acid or alcohol but fruity enough to pair with your turkey, stuffing and ham. Monica can also be dried and used to make what is called a Vino Liquoroso.

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