San Colombano, Milano’s Only DOC wine


I just got back from a 10 stay in and around Milan. Most people probably thinks it’s a weird place to visit in July when Italy offers so many amazing alternatives but it was just perfect for me. I lived in Milan for 10 years and have a host of friends there and basically a whole life to go back and visit. I was very excited to discover a Milan I didn’t know, actually two faces of Milan: the new and improved version post-Expo and the one for children which I didn’t know when I lived there and wasn’t a mommy. I discovered both this past trip. Milan has never been a more exciting place to visit and to hang out in. I missed it a lot and as our politics and outlook worsens think often of a return sojourn. In any event, for now, I am happy to write about this great city and its only DOC denominated wine.


San Colombano d.o.c. wine is the only DOC wine produced in the province of Milan. It was designated a DOC in 1984. I first discovered these wines when I lived there and would go to the food festival around the town of Lodi called the Rassegna della Lodigiana. I loved discovering new areas around Milan, new restaurants and traditional dishes and lo and behold wines. Wines from San Colombano are generally made from Croatina, Barbera and Uva Rara for the reds in order to be part of the DOC. Some international varieties have been planted in recent years as well. For the whites, a number of grapes have been used in addition to the indigenous variety Verdea.

The soils in this area are quite minerally and have calcareous and sand mixed together. The wines they produce are easy drinking wines that complement the local food perfectly.

The grapes for production of San Colombano DOC wines must be cultivated exclusively in the Comune of Miradolo Terme and Monteleone in the province of Pavia, Graffignana and Sant’Angelo in the province of Lodi and San Colombano al Lambro in the province of Milano. The wines are generally not sent abroad but there is one winery which is quite large and active both on social media and at Vinitaly, Azienda Agricola Panizzari. I tasted the wines this year and was quite surprised. Now that Milan is such an international center, I am sure we will hear more from both this winery and from the Consorzio.

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