Picnic Wines: Memorial Day

While today’s weather doesn’t fit my idea of a picnic, Beaujolais seems like a perfect option on this chilly day in May. It’s also in keeping with my French themed idea about Memorial day. I will happily drink one today in addition to the sparkling wine chilling in the fridge. I do not come from a military family so I am not spending today visiting a cemetery but I am thinking of all those families who have lost people and thank those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the country.

Beaujolais Nouveau

While the weather decides what it wants to do today, I have figured out what I feel like drinking with our picnic later – Beaujolais. Beaujolais made from the gamay grape comes in many different iterations, all of which would work with picnic fare. Beaujolais Nouveau is considered by many to be less than a stellar wine but I think it has a definite place at the picnic table as well. Fresh and friendly it is a wine that works well early in the day with a summer meal. Of course, the Beaujolais village wines are the more prestigious and the ones that can pair better with many of the aromas and flavors that grace any Barbecue worth it’s name. I particularly like Chiroubles but each one of the 10 cru Beaujolais has characteristics that make them great wines. Check out this guide to the Beaujolais crus by the Flatiron…

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