Monday Musings: Wine Writing In the Age of Politics


As I think about all the news this Monday morning, a question keeps coming to mind. How important is writing about wine at this moment when so much of the world is in turmoil. I don’t have a fully formed answer yet and I am wondering what other bloggers/journalists/critics think at this point in time. Writing an article on deadline if you write for a major or minor publication is one thing but what about the daily effort it takes to keep posting on a blog. I am interested to know what others think. This is not the only time I have thought of this issue. When a tragedy happens to someone you know and love or when you get really sick or overwhelmed with life’s tasks, does your wine writing, that not done for money, take a back seat? Mine does at times and at other times I find it a refuge from the onslaught of bad news. Witness I said bad not fake news.

italy 600

Often my refuge is traveling in my mind through a glass of wine and remembering the pleasure of where I drank it or thinking about where it was produced. I guess the idea is that perhaps others who may read it can also take a small trip with me and find a moment of refuge from the daily grind.
I would be curious if others feel the same way and what they think. I know when I first moved back to the US and first started this blog, it was a way of staying connected to Italy and to all that I love about that country. Through the years, this May it will be my ninth year of posting, it has kept me very close to Italy and has, admittedly, helped my business grow but that was not the reason for starting it but a happy by-product.

Over these years, it has not always been easy to keep going especially in times like these when one wonders if maybe there are bigger fish to tackle. We shall see as the next four years unfold.

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