Olympics, Georgia, Leonard Cohen and Valentine’s Day

I thought I would reblog this post today mostly for the information about Georgian wines. They have become so much more popular in the years since I wrote this post. When I was in Portugal this fall, one of the people on my trip was from Poland and he was an expert in Georgian wines of all things. Small wine world at the end of the day.

I love the Olympics. I always have. I think it’s the spirit of community or the idea of the world as a village that appeals to me so much. Of course, the athletic prowess of the competitors is beautiful and exciting to watch but that’s not what made me teary as I watched the opening ceremonies. I also love the medal ceremonies with everyone getting weepy as they sing their national anthem. Of course, I’m a softy but on Valentine’s Day, it’s okay to admit that. KD Lang’s version of Leonard Cohen’s song Hallelujah was perfect and made me think of someone who is far away today but close to my heart. Mostly though, Friday was sad because of the Georgian Luger Norad Kumaritashvili’s death during a training run.

I thought I’d write about a winery from Georgia today on my blog. I came across this winery at Vinitaly last…

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