Holiday Jaunts In New York City & California Wine


I like to see the Christmas lights and go to all of New York’s museums and attractions around the holiday season. Today I added another New York landmark to my roster, the Mount Vernon Hotel from 1799. Hidden on East 61 Street in the shade of a tall building stands this historic landmark. It was a fascinating building and we were given a great private tour. I learned a lot about New York in the period between the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, about Andrew Jackson’s Presidency and the habits of the middle class in 1826-1833 when the property functioned as a day hotel.


People used to visit the property on as an outing from the city. It was considered to be close to Manhattan which at that time went only up to 14th street. The property around 61 Street was the country and was said to be four miles from Manhattan. It was also right on the East River, another tidbit I didn’t know. While it may not be Florence at Christmas, I am happy to discover more about our history and our own landmarks. Love the one your with as the song goes…


I would have liked to drink a wine from Monticello or Mount Vernon after seeing this property but the Chinese restaurant where I had lunch only offered California wines. I opted for a Mirassou Cabernet which I hadn’t had in a while.


It might seem a strange pairing choice but I had a very hearty beef dish that paired perfectly with this fruit forward Cabernet.

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