Santa Lucia – A Feast Day In Parts Of Italy and a Special Day To Me

I thought I would repost this piece from 2010. My beautiful niece is now almost 18 shockingly. She’s still my little darling girl in many ways and is also growing up way too fast. Happy Santa Lucia.

Santa Lucia, which is celebrated today in many towns in Italy, is akin to Christmas. In some families in Cremona for example, Santa Lucia is considered to be the most important day in the Christmas season and the day on which they exchange gifts rather than on Christmas. Cremona is widely known for its violin makers or lutaio .

Someone very special to me also finds Santa Lucia a special day.

This beauty is my niece Lucia. When she was younger, she didn’t know a lot about wine and would ask me how the soda business was going. I thought it was very funny and appropriate. She still doesn’t too much about the wine business because she’s way too young although she does know the difference between wine and soda.

She also made me sing and act out the entire movie The Sound of Music in front of my family…

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