Wine of the Week: Chardonnay from Villa Brunesca


This week’s wine of the week is from Villa Brunesca, a winey located in the Veneto. It was full bodied as one might expect from a Chardonnay with great textured aromas and flavors of apple and thyme. The wine spends six months of its lees and goes through partial malolactic fermentation according to their website which would account for that creamy mouthfeel.

I had this wine on Sunday while sailing on the Hudson on a pretty windy day. It was exhilarating. The family that owns this winery began working on this land in 1954. Gaetano “Bepi” Mason started the business which his sons and daughter are continuing today. They have 70 hectares, 45 planted to vines and the remaining 25 home to 15 hectares of woods and an amazing villa dating to 1645. The soils are a combination of limestone, sand and clay with a good quantity of calcareous matter helps to create grapes that then produce elegant wines. The climate here is mitigated both by the nearby mountains and the sea. This wine is brought in by Tradizione Imports.


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