Calabria Calls: Roberto Ceraudo


During Italian Wine Week, I had the occasion to try many wines from Southern Italian regions made with indigenous grapes. Among those that I really enjoyed were wines from Roberto Ceraudo from Calabria. I tasted a few of his wines and was particularly fond of the Grisara and the Dattilo, the former made with Pecorello and the latter with Gaglioppo. Roberto Ceraudo started his winery and his children are now following in his footsteps. He is among the first in Calabria to grow organic grapes. The winery is in the province of Crotone and is quite close to the sea.


They make around 70,000 bottles of wine between reds, whites and roses, all of the wines are labeled Val di Neto I.G.T. The family owns 60 hectares, some 20 dedicated to wine production and 38 to olive groves. I happened upon the winery by chance at the tasting and I am glad that I did. I like wines made in Calabria and I like to find gems among the wineries in this region.

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