Wine of the Week: Vial 2013 from Kaltern Caldaro in Alto Adige


Ugh. Lowest blog stats on my blog since July 2011. I am disappointed in myself for the lack of consistency and writing but hey a few things have happened this year: baby, started MW, wrote some articles for the Financial Times but all that said, my blog matters to me and used to boo-hoo, matter to others too. Did I mention my website was hacked and I had to take it down…All that said, I resolve to turn this around in July by posting every day.

Today’s post is about Vial, a Pinot Bianco from Alto Adige from Kaltern . The wine was a beautiful expression of this grape that I tasted at the Alto Adige tasting in April in New York. That day I was only tasting Pinot Bianco to see if I could tell it from Pinot Grigio in a blind tasting. All of the ones I tasted had beautiful white fruit and floral notes but it was the almond note on the finish that gave me a chance to differentiate it from Pinot Gris. They were all somewhat waxy on the palate as well with hints of minerality, for lack of a better term. The winery is located near the beautiful Lago di Caldaro which mitigates the climate in the vineyards. The wines are brought in by Omni Wines and are available for around $19. I have tasted a number of their other wines from this winery such as the famed Passito Serenade, a fantastic sweet wine. Definitely a winery to watch and to visit if in Italy for the summer.


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