Expo2015: Wines from Lombardy


Tomorrow is June 1 and the first month of the Expo2015 has come and gone, and while I know there are some complaints, most of the people I know in Milan are very pleased with how the event is proceeding. Apparently, it is also open until 1100pm and many eat dinner there rather than in local restaurants but that said, it seems to be going well for my adopted city and I am pleased to know that.

Mountains in Milan

Together with the National days and the clusters, I have now discovered there are also specific food days. May 29 for example was a specific day in which Milk was the topic. I have also discovered an online magazine dedicated to the Expo..

In other news, the Italian wine pavilion, Vino, started offering an aperitivo on the weekends at the Expo.

I don’t know which wines they will be serving but they certainly have a enough to choose from even just within Lombardy. Lombardy has always gotten a bad rap in my opinion in the wine world, or more precisely short shrift. People in the US have now discovered Prosecco and many are discovering Franciacorta but I wonder when other great underrated wines will make a splash.

Lombardy has five DOCG wines, 22 DOC wines and 15 IGT denominations. I bet few can even name them although exports of wines from Lombardy rose 3.6% in 2014. The two principal markets for the sales of these wines are the U.S. and Germany, following by the UK and Switzerland. Of the 22 DOC, I am not very familiar with a few of them and this week will be dedicated to those wines. Buona lettura.

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