Expo 2015 Day 3, Streets of Milan, the Negroni and Wine Shops in the City

Today is the third day of the Expo2015. During the six months of the Expo, there will be “Nation Days” celebrating different nations, today Turkmenistan was the nation that was celebrated. I just learned, reading about the Expo, that they are famous for their melons, a font of export success.


The street I want to write about today is Via San Marco, in the center of the city. It is the home of a number of bars that have aperitivi during the spring and summer months. I believe this photo is from one of those bars. When I lived in the city, I always had sparkling wine during l’aperitivo or almost always, rarely a Negroni – a typical Milanese cocktail and sometimes a Negroni sbagliato – a version of the Negroni. Gin makes me mean so the Negroni has never been a favorite.

All the hype about the Negroni here in the States just as about Fernet Branca seems pretty ridiculous to me considering there is nothing more common all over Milan although bartenders here are making it their own, look at the wealth of recipes in the above links. The same is true about the Spritz from the Veneto, another incredibly common cocktail in the Veneto that has become all the rage here in the USA.

Via San Marco is the scene of one of my favorite street markets, every Thursday in the city. The area is very upscale so everything in the market is as well. Every time I am in Milan, I try to stop by this market. I also love the street because of the Church of San Marco. Apparently, Mozart lived in the monastery of San Marco for three months and the first performance of Verdi’s Requiem, written for Alessandro Manzoni, was played here too.

One of Milan’s first wine stores and wine bars is also on the street, N’Ombra de Vin another reason to visit the street if you are in Milan. The owner is very knowledgeable about wines and a resource for the community.

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