New Favorite Wine Bar in NYC – Pierre Loti With Its Turkish Flair

I had the pleasure of discovering a new wine bar (new to me) in New York last night – Pierre Loti. I had no idea what I was missing. I loved it dark corners, dimmed lights, and of course, its funky wine & food menu. The owner Orhan Cakir, who is Turkish, has a pretty nice concept going and has opened a number of locations in NYC

The bars are named for a French novelist who used to visit Turkey often. Pierre Loti was his “nom de plume.” It felt like I could have been in another city maybe even in Turkey or Paris. I had a wine from Turkey from the Pamukkale Winery. The winery was founded in 1962 by the Tokat brothers in Denizli in the city of Güney. The area is a plateau that is located at 850 meters above sea level. The soil is made of limestone and pebbles. For many years the winery sold its grapes to bigger concerns but eventually when one of the brothers studied agriculture and they began to produce their own wines.

I had a red blend which was full bodied with juicy tannins although a bit high in alcohol. It reminded me of Bull’s Blood from Hungary. I also tried the white that they had on their list at the Chelsea location. It was somewhat waxy and Chenin blanc like. I enjoyed both and would definitely go back to try new Turkish wines that I don’t know, essentially any and all Turkish wines that is.

My photos of my sailing trip aren’t digital here is a link to a map of the area:

I visited Turkey nine years ago and went on an incredibly sailing trip from Bodrom to Gocek. A fabulous trip with beautiful water, crazy wind, good food and nice people. Turkey is a country that can really draw you in and that I can’t wait to return to explore further. I also spent time in Istanbul on that trip. Truly one of the most beautiful and enchanting places I have been to visit, I highly recommend a trip. In the meantime, for a little taste of Turkey, I now know where to go…

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