Wine Wednesday: Castello di Semivicoli Trebbiano d’Abruzzo DOC from Masciarelli

Although the cold seems to be setting in at night, my mind and body are still focused on the summer and great wines that I tasted while enjoying seafood and the beach. One of these wines was from the Mascarelli family: Castello di Semivicoli Trebbiano d’Abruzzo DOC. Without a doubt this was the best Trebbiano I have ever tasted.

Masciarelli - trebbiano

Trebbiano has long been a grape that I have basically ignored. Somewhat of a bland relation to the other more exciting varieties that I have given my attention to, it is however, the most widely planted white grape in Italy, I have never been very excited by its aromas or flavors. That is, until I tried this version from the Masciarelli’s third line called Castello di Semivicoli, the name of the property with a “castello” that they own.

The wine was gorgeous with bright acidity and lovely aromas and flavors of white fruits – peach and apricot – as well as flower blossoms and honey. It also had Mediterranean undertones that I love of thyme, herbs and the “garrigue” note that makes me want to jump on a plane immediately and be on the Mediterranean.

According to their website, the vines are an average of 40 years in age with an Eastern exposition and are located at 380 meters above sea level. The wine is made in stainless steel tanks and spends 18 months aging in the bottle before being released.

I loved this wine and was sad to see it end. I paired it with great fish. It’s nice to be surprised by that which we have ignored for so long. It’s just a reminder that it only takes one to change your mind.

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