Happy Passover – Italian Kosher & Non-Kosher Wines

Happy Passover to those who celebrate this holiday. Each year I try to bring a kosher wine to the Passover Seder and in the last years, it seems to be the same Italian winery that provides my kosher wine, Terra di Seta. It always pairs perfectly with my Mom’s brisket, providing enough acidity to offset the savory flavors in the meat. You can buy this wine at Union Square Wines in NYC.


Kosher wine always gets a bad rap but I have had a number of them that I enjoyed over the years. Almost all Kosher wine seems to be brought in by Royal Wine Corp. which produces Bartenura, in all of its manifestations – Moscato, Chianti, Barolo, etc. Here is my friend and fellow wine writer, Lana Bortolot’s take on Kosher wines.


I am also bringing a bottle of Terre Brune, a Carignano del Sulcis from Santadi. I’m looking forward to trying the different grape varieties with the same foods. Carignano from the Sulcis is sleek and subtle with less acidity than the Chianti.

In other news, later this week I will write a post about the great weekend I had meeting amazing bloggers and tasting great wines and food thanks to Snooth. One of the people I met was Ben Carter who pens Benito’s Wine Reviews. Here is his take on the weekend. It was great to learn about the wine scene in Memphis and hear his views on the Ribera del Duero wines we tasted at lunch and other topics. I also discovered Ben is a bitters fan but that there is little Amaro in Memphis. Some smart distributor should see to that.

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