Vinitaly Continues – 2012 US Tour

I have been away from my blog for almost two whole weeks. In the meantime, I have traveled far and wide in the United States with much to tell and write about. Lucky for me I seem to move from one Vinitaly to the next. I know I am still stuck on Vinitaly Day 2 on this blog but the Vinitaly US Tour has taken precedence in the last month and I’m really excited for the Chicago and New York legs of the tour. Friends Tom Hyland and Charlie Aurturaola are leading seminars in Chicago and New York, respectively as is Ian Wolff of La Cucina Italiana. We’re going to have some great panels on brand building in NY and restaurant trends in both Chicago and NY. I’m really looking forward to visiting Chicago again for Monday’s event. What a great city with such a hot wine scene. Always much to learn from peers and new and old friends. If you aren’t yet signed up, please check out the information on If you are at the event, please come and say hello to me. I’ll be the woman in violet.

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