May Day- Heading Back To New York For Vinitaly Tour on May 2

After a lovely jaunt to Chicago, albeit the weather which didn’t cooperate, I’m heading back to New York for the second leg of the Vinitaly In The World tour at Three Sixty on May 2, 2-6pm for the trade/press. I’m looking forward to trying some of the wines. When not working at these events, or while working would be more appropriate, I sometimes do get to try great wines. My favorite of the day yesterday was a Gavi di Gavi from Villa Sparina.

This DOCG is made from the Cortese grape in Piedmont. It is a beautiful expression of this grape and the terroir in the region it comes from. I found it precise and clean with pure stone fruit and mineral notes as well as some layers of floral notes. It had an almond undertone on the finish which I really like. I thought it was lovely and will be searching for some when back at home. Luckily it looks like it’s easy to find and nicely priced in the $14-18 range. I haven’t thought about Gavi in a bit, that was my mistake apparently but it will be rectified soon. I hope to see you in New York at the Vinitaly tour tomorrow!

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