Chicago Wine Community

I’m in Chicago for work having just finished a great Slow Wine event yesterday. Today I am going to be checking out part of the city that I have come to truly appreciate. One of the things that I have noticed is the beauty of the city’s landscape and buildings. It seems so much cleaner and more manageable in some ways than my hometown.

That said, I am a true New Yorker at heart and will be routing for my team on Sunday along with 20 million other like-minded folks.

Back to Chicago, what I noticed at both the trade and the consumer portions of our event yesterday was the high level of interest and dedication to wines that you can find in this city, be it journalists, importers or sommeliers. It is very encouraging and interesting to me.

Tonight I think I will try out the wine bar at the Fairmont Hotel. Their sommelier is a lovely guy who always comes to our events. My last trip to the city I visited Bin 36 and Trump Tower. A lovely spot as well with a really impressive young female sommelier Rachel Lowe.

One of my favorite things about Chicago is the water and its prevalence in everyday life here. I think it might tempt me if I weren’t afraid of being cold for the rest of my days. Never say never.

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