Family, Wines and A Big Birthday Hello

Today is my lovely niece’s 13th birthday. I find that a shocking fact but yes it’s true. I recently signed up for a new website called Tiny Buddha and I find it very on point most days.

Anyone who knows me even a little bit is aware of how I feel about family, my family and in particular these two cuties – my nephew and my niece.

Like all families, we have some things in common and many not. One thing that we do a lot together is eat. They each have their own particularities and “heavens” as they call their favorite foods.

Being in the wine industry is always a bit confusing for kids, they never know what exactly you do. I remember when my niece asked me how my job in the soda industry was going. I gently told her that it was wine that I was dealing with not soda but she was fixated on soda, probably because she wasn’t allowed to drink too much, if any of it.

As she has gotten older, she has asked me more about the industry, how wine is made and why I want to try so many different types. Now she seems genuinely interested but she often warns me that there is always a bottle of wine at my table and that she thinks it’s too much.

Soon I am sure she will see wine as a pleasurable part of her life too. I’m glad that she sees it on a regular basis as something that is a complement to a meal and not just something to drink on a special occasion but everyday.

Legal drinking age is a long way off and I hope the time goes slowly for all but I do relish the idea of teaching her about all of life’s pleasures, when she is ready. For the moment, I will raise my own glass to her and toast to my favorite girl – Lucia.

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