Il Giorno della Memoria – Remembrance Day

Today is called Il Giorno della Memoria. On January 27, 1945, the Soviet Army entered and liberated Auschwitz. In 2000, Italy, France and Germany established this day as a day of remembrance. As always, on this day, my Italian friends, one in particular, write to me. I will never forget the day that it was made into law.

I remember weeping with joy that the country where I lived and love, would make this a national day. Furio Colombo, a journalist that I followed and a parliamentarian made passage of this day a lifetime goal.

Today I went to the Italian Consulate and stood outside in the rain with others as the names of 8900 Italian deportees were read out loud. It is always a very moving ceremony to me.

I’m glad that there are national days in these nations to remember those who perished merely because of their religion – children, women and men. Many others died in the Holocaust too, not just Jews and this day is of course, for them as well. In my own little world, my family lost 80 relatives because they were Jewish.

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