Wine world news: Israeli Wine Critic Daniel Rogov Dies

Earlier this year, I worked on a project for the Kosher Food and Wine Experience. It was one of my first immersions into the world of Israeli wines but not my very first, that was a gift from my mom of Daniel Rogov’e Guide to Israeli Wine.

I actually think everyone who is interested in Israeli wine has a copy. I’m sure he has some competition but I’m not sure who that would be. Rogov died this week and I thought this article about him was very well done.

I’ve written about some Israeli wines, particularly this post.

Not all Israeli wines are kosher I discovered at that tasting and many kosher wines come from other countries, even places such as Italy surprisingly enough.

Later today I will post about indigenous varietals but I wanted to mention this man who truly made a difference in the creation of a country’s wine industry. Bravo. I will raise a glass of Israeli wine this evening to you sir.

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