New York On My Mind – 9/11

Today is an odd day, after watching the Royal Nuptials over the weekend, I had been feeling lighthearted and somewhat frivolous. At 1130pm last night that came to an end as I watched President Obama speak about the actions of Navy seals and the death of Osama Bin Laden. Like all New Yorkers, I am affected by this news. While there will never be that sought after idea of closure for those who lost family and friends, this news does put an end to a decade in some way.

I was in Italy during 9/11 and watched the events on TV, devastated and speechless thinking of my hometown. Many people from my universities happened to have worked in the towers and a number didn’t make it out that day. Others did and have been forever changed by the experience. Nothing will ever seal those wounds.

I was skypeing with my former boss from that period this morning. These events are profound for people on all sides of the ocean. Today, I am glad to be in my hometown and near my family. I am going out for a drink with another New Yorker later today and will have a glass of wine from our state.

I had been meaning to write about what is going on in urban wineries and in New York viticulture but maybe today is just a day to remember and think about that. Obama was impressive last night and I liked that he talked about finding that sense of unity we had after 9/11. Much can come from today’s events, I’m hoping ours and other nations best instincts come to the fore.

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