Rome – La Vita Quotidiana

I’m in Rome for a client, the International Balzan Foundation which gives out prizes in the sciences, the humanities, literature and a peace prize every few years. Before I began to work in food and wine more heavily, I was quite involved in public relations and journalism in economics, politics and other areas using a different company that I own called Gold Communications.

In my previous life I was obsessed with everything that had to do with Italian politics and economic life, European Integration and so forth. On my plane ride here I realized how much I enjoy all of those subjects and reading the Italian papers. For those who don’t read Italian, I advise looking at I-Italy, a great resource for Italophiles and Italianists. I sometimes write for them but about subjects having nothing to do with wine and food.

This is my wine and food blog so let’s get back to life’s simple pleasures in Italy such as morning succhi. I loved getting a caffe, perhaps a cornetto when in Rome and a succo di frutta in the morning.

I love the way the barista goes through a long list of flavors…pera, pesca, albiccoca, arancio, ACE, ananas….My favorite though is pera, thick and somewhat syrupy, it probably isn’t low on calories but as we all know, the air in the States is fatter than that in Italy so by some miracle, just landing in this country, you lose weight. I swear this is true. I’m not clear of the science behind that statement but I am sure you agree with me.

I have never found these delicious fruit juices in the States to give me that same pleasure although I am sure that getting one at Eataly in New York or from Jerry’s in New Jersey might give me a kick, I think tomorrow’s succo di frutta will taste especially fine. Somewhat like that bottle of wine that always tastes better when you have it in a beautiful location. Tomorrow on the Via Giulia sounds just right to me…As much as I love other cities in Italy and around the world, including my hometown, nothing compares to Rome in my opinion. I fori romani, the swallows, the light, the Teatro Marcello, I could go on and on. Perhaps I will tomorrow. Buona notte.

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