Happy Halloween – Best Costume Goes to….

I never get dressed up for Halloween. Every since I was a little kid, I think I have always dressed up as a cat or nothing at all. Yesterday, I was dressed as a depressed New York democrat. You can imagine, I wore black. Nothing too original. I was invited to a lovely soiree held by two wine friends, Kathryn and Ken, hosts extraordinaire. I saw numerous lovely costumes and drank a couple of great wines but Rodolphe as a pimp above took the cake. Chapeau Mr. Boulanger. Rodolphe has one of the most refined palates I know, I can’t say the same for his sartorial splendor last evening but I do admire his style.

In terms of wines last evening, I think the Blancs de Blancs from Ruinart which bills itself as the oldest Champagne Maison in the world, was my favorite. It was a very beautiful and pure champagne, just what I needed after I overdosed on cheese. Kathryn and Ken hold a very sumptuous tasting group in their abode and those lucky enough to attend are treated to the loveliest cheese spread I have ever seen outside of Artisanal or Murray’s. I had been depriving myself of cheese for a few weeks and last night, couldn’t resist. Thank goodness for the Ruinart which was a welcome contrast with beautiful acidity and minerality to balance out the Epoisse, one of the perennial favorites at the tasting. Many other lovely wines were consumed but this one and a fabulous dessert wine from Gaillac made with Mauzac and other local varieties truly magnificient. Merci beaucoup Mesdames e Messieurs.

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