Tanti Auguri Maman

Tanti auguri alla mia dolce mammina. Happy birthday to you. Cento di questi giorni....While I often tell people that it is my father who gave me the wine bug because he made wine in the basement with a friend from Sicily, the real skinny is that it is my Mother who has passed on her... Continue Reading →

Julia’s Kitchen in D.C.

I went on a pilgrimage of sorts this summer when I was in D.C. for the Society of Wine Educator's Conference. I went to see Julia Child's kitchen in the Smithsonian. Would I have gone if it hadn't been for the movie, Julie & Julia? Who knows, maybe not. The scene at the museum was... Continue Reading →

Remembering 9/11

I tried to post this yesterday but couldn't do it. I was in Italy during 9/11 and will never forget the outpouring of love and solidarity that I received on that day but all I wanted at that moment was to be home in my city.

Sindrome da Rientro, Again

I've been away a considerable period of time this Summer and certainly away from this blog. Every year when vacations end I suffer from the Sindrome da Rientro. I am not alone in this I know. Everyone comes back from vacation energized but sad to spend days indoors and be back in their routines. I... Continue Reading →

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