Tanti Auguri Maman

Tanti auguri alla mia dolce mammina. Happy birthday to you. Cento di questi giorni….While I often tell people that it is my father who gave me the wine bug because he made wine in the basement with a friend from Sicily, the real skinny is that it is my Mother who has passed on her love of wine to me. My Mother drinks many different types of wines and is often willing to experiment. She’s been known to bring home some great bottles as well as some clunkers. Mostly Mom loves wine and enjoys it the way one should, without pretense.

I could go on and on about how wonderful my Mother is but that would be a little silly. Suffice it to say she’s a wonderful, funny, smart and adventurous lady. Did I mention bright and an artist? Also a pianist. In fact, Mom studied the Etruscans in Graduate School while getting her PhD in Art History. I often tell people that that’s how I ended up in Italy. My Mom is magical. Happy birthday Maman.

Dad’s no slouch either….

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