100 Days Of Oil In The Gulf

Today marks the 100th day of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. I thought an article from the Associated Press was really well done and gave an idea of just how many lives have been impacted by this terrible spill.

I haven’t spent much time there but did get to go to New Orleans two years ago for the Society of Wine Educators conference. This year the conference is in DC. Today is the first day. I’m going to DC tomorrow and am excited.

Back to the Gulf, aside from giving money to the organizations that I mentioned a few days ago on my blog for Gulf recovery, I’m trying to find ways to support local businesses. As always, I think reminding people of an area in need is import. Today we are still focusing on the Gulf but who knows in the next 100 days. I was looking to see if they are any wineries along the Gulf of Mexico. It seemed that there was one in Mississippi but the site said that it may have been damaged by Hurricane Katrina and has never recovered. When I was in NOLA two years ago, the 9th ward looked as if Katrina had happened the day before. It was a scandal. I didn’t take pictures at the time but I do remember the horror of those streets. I bet the same thing is true today. Let’s hope this time, things are different.

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  1. the saddest thing is that hurricane season is just beginning… was really glad to see this post Avvinare and to know that folks in NYC are thinking about this too… here in Central Texas we see the fallout in the scarcity and rising prices of gulf oysters. But as you head to east Texas, you hear more and more heart-breaking stories about people whose lives have been devastated by the catastrophe.

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