Birra Roma – ‘Na Novita’

I have spent the last two days at the Fancy Food show working with an olive oil producer from Apulia. I have had the occasion to try many delicacies from Italy but also from all over the world. I’m amazed at how many products there are and how they are available everywhere at this point. Lots to discuss about products of origin and branding but this is a quick note on a great product with what I think is a beautiful and fun label – Birra Roma or craft beer from Rome.

I drink very little beer but in the summer, I must say, it does speak to me. This one is made by an Italian brewery called Birradamare or beer to love. It was created in 2004. They make 20 types of beer in three different brands.

At home they sell different beers under the label Na Birra Rossa, Bionda, etc. If you have any Roman friends or are familiar with the accent, I think you will enjoy that as much as I do. The Romans cut off the first letter of words and have a very colorful dialect. Generally joyous people, I think I am having a bout of nostalgia stamani (That is what the Florentines would say.)

They are not yet distributed in the United States and are definitely looking to enter this market. The bottle shape is reminiscent of old syrup bottles. In terms of its tasting profile, the one I tasted was gold in color and fairly full bodied with a bitter note on the finish. More of a lager than an ale, I really enjoyed it and could well imagine pairing it with pizza or something heartier.

One thought on “Birra Roma – ‘Na Novita’

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  1. Ciao Susanna,
    voglio ringraziarti veramente di cuore per il bellissimo articolo che hai fatto sulla nostra birra.
    Spero di poterti rincontrare di nuovo e dirti che siamo presenti in USA!!!!!!
    Noi ce la mettiamo tutta!!!
    grazie ancora da Max & Elio

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