Festa della Repubblica – 2 Giugno

For the years that I lived in Italy, la Festa della Repubblica was always a big ponte, or holiday weekend. I never remember anyone being too patriotic about it or any serious celebrations just friends planning weekend holidays but here in NY, it seems to be a big event. Check out what’s going on at I-Italy, a great resource for the Italophile community.

The Festa della Repubblica is the anniversary of the creation of the Italian Republic through a referendum on June 2-3, 1946. When one thinks of Italy, it seems as if it has always been a very prosperous country but any students of history know how devastated the country was by the war.

I write a blog on I-Italy but not about wine, about Italian politics, cinema and anything that strikes my fancy. It’s called Italica, a phrase coined that means anyone who feels a kindred spirit with all things Italian, or at least most of them.

I also co-write another blog on Italian food called Radicchioblog. Italy on my mind, I know.

While I am a dedicated Italophile, as I have written many times before, France was my first love and thus
I really loved this post and Nicolas Joly’s response on DrVino’s blog. Chenin Blanc is my favorite white wine grape and Joly’s wines are at the top of my list as well as it seems the New York Times’ tasting panel. I thought I would share it with those few people who read my blog but not Dr. V’s….


  1. Nice words about Chenin Blanc, only wish it were more available. It’s funny how inexpensive it can be, Sutter Home advertises a 750 for $4.19.
    How can that be?
    Would love to try the Loire or Stellenbosch offerings, but the air fare would kill me.
    Fun entry.

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