Italian Organic Wines Are Becoming More Popular

The myth is that organic wines aren’t that tasty. Certainly this is what many of my Italian friends ask me. I laugh and think how different it would be if we were talking about food. I can’t imagine that any of them would say something similar about an organically grown tomato.

Why should this be the case one asks? I think it’s because in the past, many Italian organically made wines were not particularly good or better some of them had aromas and flavors that were not pleasing to the average palate. Certainly they were different from what people usually drink. All of that is changing and organic wines are becoming an ever more important part of the Italian wine landscape.

I see this at trade fairs such as Vinitaly and at local tastings such as one held at Alta Cucina on Monday and a tasting that I went to with other bloggers on Soave wines. Many of the Soaves that we tasted and that I wrote about yesterday were made using sustainable farming practices and some were made following biodynamic principles.

This increased attention towards organic wines in Italy is not quite at the same level as it is in France but I imagine that will only be a matter of time. Without a doubt organic farming of agricultural products will be the driving force beyond a similar move in the wine industry, at least in Italy, home of the Slow Food movement.

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