Vino 2010- Italian Wines Galore

Italian wine week has almost started and I am sure it will be a fun and busy week for journalists, bloggers, producers, importers, restaurateurs and consumers. While the week is largely for the trade, a separate Shop & Dine program has been set up in numerous shops and restaurants throughout the city. On Thursday, February 4 from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm, consumers can also attend the third annual SensofWine event organized by Luca Maroni together with local partner, Alta Cucina. To buy tickets you can go to the Alta Cucina Store.

My Italian wine week has already started as my friend wine producer Susanna Crociani has come to stay with me. I will be doing a podcast with her and Terence Hughes of Domenico Selections later this week. I have signed up for numerous seminars and am really excited to see some friends coming to town. Dave of Wine Openers and Alfonso Cevola will be here as well. I look forward to Alfonso’s session on Gaglioppo.

So many wines and so little time I think will be the way I feel at the end of this week but for now, I am excited to once again delve into the world of Italian wines for days on end. It’s sort of like a pre-training for Vinitaly 2010 in April.

I will be participating in a seminar on Social Media together with Susanna and other notable guests on Thursday morning. Thursday is also the day of the Italian Wine Masters Tasting organized by Melanie Young.

I am sure the week will be interesting and informative. By Saturday I will endeavor to stop tasting wines for a few days but inevitably, I will begin again. It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it….

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